Worried About your Hair Loss? You Might Have Found the Perfect Solution – But Be Careful That It Isn’t Too Perfect

There are many options today for people experiencing hair loss, along with lots of unmet promises. For the 30 million women and 40 million men that experience hair loss due to medical or non-medical reasons, there have always been options, but very few of them are effective, affordable and most importantly realistic.

Tonics, potions and drugs are an option, but these therapies have been effective in less than 1% of the population. As a result, more and more men and women are exploring the option of semi-permanent and temporary hair loss. Said simply, these are hair pieces used to supplement that hair that they have, or provide full coverage. With advances in hair restoration technology, these items are becoming more affordable, available and perfected.

Its that perfection that is the problem. Too often, these types of items look like “hair out of a box” because they are “hair out of a box”. These hair pieces have perfectly conditioned, perfectly dyed and perfectly all-one-length hair. In fact, the hair that is purchased is made in bulk and distributed to the masses- however, it does not reflect the fact that face shapes, head shapes, skin tones- all must be considered when customizing a hair piece.

The bottom line, they are too perfect and stick out way too much when worn. “People who wear hair aren’t looking to look like a mannequin or have perfection- they just want to restore, repair or remedy the hair loss- they want to look like everyone else, so their overly perfect hair fails them in that regard,” says MaryAnne Didomizio, founder of MaryAnne Studios and Certified Hair Restoration Professional. “The best results are achieved when we de-perfect the hair piece, recreating it as a custom, believable and comfortable option to the reality of thinning hair or total hair loss.”

“I felt like myself again, for the first time in years, I didn’t want to hide myself”, states Kieca K. a woman living with Alopecia Areata. “MaryAnne’s help made me confident enough to hold my head high- and feel just like everyone else.”

For 25 years Didomizio has used her expertise to help men and women experiencing hair loss. She has also been recognized and certified by the American Cancer Society and the Governor’s Office of the State of Pennsylvania. In her Wayne, PA studio, she creates the custom pieces using highly advanced technologies, and creating the imperfect hair pieces that help restore her clients’ appearance to a perfect state. She is founder and formerly of the MaryAnne Christopher SalonSpa, now offers her services in a new setting at MaryAnne Studios, located in Wayne, PA.

Dedicated exclusively to the care of men and women experiencing hair loss, Didomizio holds the certification of Certified Hair Restoration Professional. She has also been recognized and certified by the American Cancer Society and the Governor’s Office of the State of Pennsylvania.