Custom Hair. Custom Fit. Custom Attachment.

Professional cutting and styling of wigs and hairpieces

People who have lost their hair permanently or temporarily due to medical treatment or through other types of hair loss often want to explore new options that will enhance their appearance and bolster their self esteem. That’s why we created Totally Custom.

The best solution for your hair loss will most likely depend on its cause. We all want to look our best, and some options are most appropriate for temporary hair loss while others are better suited for permanent hair loss.

Get the Look You Deserve

Your full head or partial hair replacement is lightweight, comfortable and the right match for your color, hair pattern and texture. We begin with individual measurement and then create a restoration specifically for your needs. Maryanne Studios has worked with wigs for both men and women, and can style your wig in little time!


Wig Maintenance & Tips

By taking proper care, wigs are able to live a prolonged life and keep you looking stylish. Depending on the type of wig that you have (natural or synthetic), there are different tips to maintaining wig quality. In all cases, Maryanne Studios highly recommends storing your wig in a safe, dry place outside of natural sunlight.

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