Alopecia Hair Loss Solutions

Maryanne Studios has custom solutions to cater to the needs of those with alopecia. Maryanne is dedicated and uniquely qualified to serve those with special needs. Solutions will be created with you, helping you to return to an appearance that you can be confident with. Each program is custom designed, using proprietary formulations and treatments. Each program is designed exclusively to meet your unique needs. 

Types of Alopecia

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a skin disorder that results in one or more circular bald patches around the scalp. While hair can eventually grow back for some, the problem lasts longer for others. We’ll assess your unique needs and create custom hair pieces that can be seamlessly taped in to fill the gaps.

Alopecia Totalis

While Alopecia Areata is localized to certain areas of the scalp, Alopecia Totalis results in complete hair loss around the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. We’ll work together to customize a wig system for you that can either clip on top of your head, or be taped in using specialized medical tape. Learn more here.

Alopecia Universalis

Alopecia Universalis is the most severe form of Alopecia Areata, and results in a complete loss of hair over the scalp and body. Whether you’ve been clinically diagnosed with this autoimmune disease, or haven’t received a diagnosis but have severe thinning of the hair around your scalp and body, we have various solutions and are experts at selecting the right approach for you, based on your unique needs. See below for our custom solutions.

Our Solutions

Wigs & Hairpieces

We’ll work together to create a wig that is completely personalized for you, using custom hair (synthetic or real), a custom fit, and a custom attachment (using a clip-in or specialized medical tape). We’re experts at fitting, trimming, and styling wigs, so we’ll ensure your hair looks and feels “like you.” Learn more here.

Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Laser Hair Loss Therapy is a new nonsurgical, scientific approach to treating hair loss, thinning hair, baldness, and problems associated with the scalp. It is a tested method using low level laser energy, or “soft” laser light to effectively treat the appearance of hair loss. This program includes both treatments and vitamins, with scheduled visits. Learn more here.

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