It feels like your hair because it is your hair.


30 million women in North America experience hair loss. Women’s hair loss can be induced by therapeutic drugs and other medical causes or due to heredity, hormones or nutrition. Whatever the cause, there is relief available. MaryAnne Studios specializes in custom hair restoration and replacement, using advanced techniques and a proven methodology.

  • Wigs and hair augmentation

  • Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy

  • Skin care

  • Cosmetic products and techniques

  • Eyebrow and eyelash enhancement

  • Turbans, hats and/or scarves

Women’s Hair Solutions

Maryanne Studios offers custom laser hair regrowth for women. This program includes both treatments and vitamins, with scheduled visits.

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Hair Restoration
Maryanne begins with individual measurement and then creates a restoration specifically for your needs. This program includes consultation and maintenance for ongoing hair pieces.

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Medical Loss
Maryanne Studios offers custom solutions to individuals with unique medical needs. Through consultation, Maryanne will recommend a tailored program with treatments and maintenance.

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