Dignity is Always Welcome- Alternatives for Men and Women Undergoing Hair Loss from Chemotherapy and Alopecia

For most people, their self opinion is heavily tied to their appearance. That final check in the mirror before you go out into the world is a staple of the modern woman’s and man’s daily ritual. And for most, what they see is acceptable. For a select few, it’s a delight. But for others, it’s a harsh moment- one where they have to face the reality that they are living with advanced medically related hair loss- often caused by chemotherapy or alopecia. In total, 70 million people are living with hair loss.

“The greatest part of a person’s image is created by their feelings about their hair,” comments MaryAnne Didomizio, an expert in hair restoration for both medical and non- medical clients, and a 25 year veteran of hair loss treatment, “when a person’s hair is going away, or gone, they feel over-exposed, unclothed and unaccepted. The very foundation of their dignity is often shaken.” 

To address these issues, Didomizio has created a three step process when addressing those enduring hair loss. Her process focuses on:

Understanding the appearance a client wishes to achieve, whether this is what they had pre-treatment or one that differs from their current style. Wherever possible, she prefers to meet clients prior to their medical treatment, so she can customize something as close as possible to the existing style and color.
Providing tools to help them maintain the various facets of your appearance as it changes during the hair loss period. 

Explaining realistic time frames related to their treatment. If chemotherapy and radiation are a part of your treatment, near-term changes typically last for six to nine months. However, it may take up to two years for your hair to return to its pre-treatment state. For those living with Alopecia, it may be permanent loss.
By using this process Didomizio can create a custom solution for those experiencing hair loss. Often, these solutions utilize handmade one-of-a-kind hair pieces that supplement the remaining hair, or address the issue with a full coverage option. “Clients don’t want to look like a grown up Barbie doll or like they bought their hair from some website and threw it on their head, hoping for a good result. What they do want is a full head of human hair, made for them, matching or replacing their existing hair, that compliments their face structure, skin tone and lifestyle.” 

“We can help them regain their diginity- the battle with hair loss is tough enough- I help soften some of the emotional loss by repairing it. Her client, Kecia K., agrees, “when I lost my hair from Alopecia, I stopped a lot of things. I never had a family portrait, never swam with my boys, started wearing glasses and stopped making eye contact. I felt like I was broken. MaryAnne gave me an opportunity to restore my personality, my life as a wife and mother and my dignity.”

Didomizio’s work began over 25 years ago when addressing the hair loss that both her mother and best friend endured from chemotherapy. She is founder and formerly of the MaryAnne Christopher SalonSpa, now offers her services in a new setting at MaryAnne Studios, located in Wayne, PA.

Dedicated exclusively to the care of men and women experiencing hair loss, Didomizio holds the certification of Certified Hair Restoration Professional. She has also been recognized and certified by the American Cancer Society and the Governor’s Office of the State of Pennsylvania.