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For decades, MaryAnne DiDomizio, founder of the MaryAnne Christopher SalonSpa, has offered her services to those needing hair replacement in the Delaware Valley.

We are a business dedicated to the special care of those experiencing hair loss, skin changes and makeup needs from medical changes. Real solutions for women and men with cancer and alopecia.

Losing your hair doesn’t have to mean losing your dignity.

MaryAnne Studios approach focuses on three important stages:

  1. Understanding the appearance you wish to achieve, whether this is what you had pre-treatment or one that differs from your current style. Wherever possible, we prefer to meet clients prior to their medical treatment, so we can customize something as close as possible to the existing style and color.

  2. Providing tools to help you maintain the various facets of your appearance as it changes during treatment.

  3. Explaining realistic time frames related to your treatment. If chemotherapy and radiation are a part of your treatment, near-term changes typically last for six to nine months. However, it may take up to two years for your hair to return to its pre-treatment state.



MaryAnne Specializes in All Types of Medical Hair Loss

MaryAnne will create a custom plan for your hair that will address the needs of those with any of the following:

Medical Hair Loss Treatments

Finally, a realistic, non-invasive solution for people undergoing medical hair loss often from cancer chemotherapy treatment or through Alopecia. The result? Easy, accessible beauty that helps you return to an appearance that you can be comfortable with. 

MaryAnne offers solutions:

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