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  Custom Hair Restoration and Replacement

MaryAnne Studios Custom Hair Restoration and Replacement

Hair loss can be induced by therapeutic drugs and other medical causes or due to heredity, hormones or nutrition. Alopecia. Cancer treatment. Pattern baldness. Stress. Hormonal changes. Medication reactions. Whatever the cause, there is relief available.

MaryAnne Studios specializes in custom hair restoration and replacement, using advanced techniques and a proven methodology.
  • Expert hair cutting and coloring by a licensed cosmetologist
  • Wigs and hair augmentation
  • Skin care
  • Cosmetic products and techniques
  • Eyebrow and eyelash replacement
  • Turbans, hats and/or scarves

If you choose a human hair system, we will provide a selection of hair pieces that is handcrafted by hair artisans using 100 percent European hair to ensure perfection in fit, comfort and realistic appearance. We also provide top quality synthetics. The synthetic systems are also completely customized, and offer a level of fit, comfort and appearance previously not achieved by products in this category.

Why is customized care important?

Our experience indicates that this ensures that your full head or partial hair replacement is lightweight, comfortable and the right match for your color, hair pattern and texture. We begin with individual measurement and then create a restoration specifically for your needs.

MaryAnne Studios offers expert customized services in a private and professional Main Line setting that will result in a positive comforting experience.

We are a full service solution offering:

  • 100% human hair or the finest in synthetic hair
  • Custom measured and fit
  • Full head or partial replacement
  • Temporary, semi-permanent or longer term replacement
  • Recommendations on skin care, cosmetic products and techniques
  • Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy
  • Professional cutting and styling of wigs and hairpieces